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Learning Objectives


In this chapter you’ll learn

  • How the Library’s Academic Skills Team can help
  • Who are the Academic Skills Team
  • How to get in touch with the Academic Skills Team
  • That the Library’s book collection contains lots of helpful study and information skills resources and guides


Academic Skills Team in the Library

The Academic Skills Team in the Library support the information needs of Undergraduate and Taught Master’s Students.  We can help you with questions such as the following:

  1. How do I find relevant books and articles for my research/assignment?
  2. How do I find and use eBooks for my research?
  3. How do I find information on the Library catalogue?
  4. How do I know which databases are suitable for my subject area?
  5. How do I evaluate information I find on websites?
  6. How do I avoid plagiarism?
  7. How do I cite and reference correctly?


Meet the Team


Get in touch with us

We can meet with you in-person, arrange a virtual meeting over Microsoft Teams or help over email.

Click here to check our opening hours.


During term time you can simply drop-in at the Academic Skills Hub or you can make an appointment to meet with us by clicking on the button below.  The Academic Skills Hub is located in the foyer of the James Hardiman Library.  It is situated to the left of the Library & IT Service Desk. You can also contact us at: academicskills@universityofgalway.ie

The Library is an excellent place to go for further help on transitioning to third-level education. To keep learning, check out the following from our collections.


Skills Resources from the Library Collections

We have lots of self-directed help as part of the Library’s collections. Have a look at the following:

Starting University

O’Connor, C. (2013) Cracking the college code: a practical guide to making the most of the first year college experience. Dublin: CJ Fallon.

Topics include:

  • making informed choices
  • preparing for change
  • getting to know how the third level system works
  • the first weeks and months at college
  • the challenges of living at home or away

Citing & Referencing

Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2022) Cite them right: the essential referencing guide, 12th ed., London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Cite them right provides clear and comprehensive coverage of citing and referencing. This 12th edition continues to provide detailed examples for all print and electronic sources, business, government, technical and legal publications, and works of art and images. This book is available in print and also as an eBook.

Study Skills

Cottrell, S. (2019) The Study Skills Handbook, 5th ed. London: Macmillan Education.

An invaluable guide for undergraduates of all disciplines as well as postgraduates, mature students and international students. Prepares students for what to expect before, during and after studies at university. This guide shows students how to tailor their learning to their individual needs in order to boost their grades, build confidence and increase employability.  This book is available in print and also as an eBook.

Critical Thinking 

Cottrell, S. (2023) Critical thinking skills: effective analysis, argument and reflection, 4th ed. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Essential resources for students looking to refine their thinking, reading and writing skills. This student-centered approach demystifies critical thinking and breaks down a complex subject into manageable chunks. Clear explanations, relevant examples and plenty of exercises.  This book is available in print and also as an eBook.


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