Institutional Arrangements

Special arrangements are in place for the students of the universities below to avail of modules not otherwise open to Visiting & Erasmus students.


  • Drexel University,
  • Philadelphia, USA
  • Edge Hill University
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of California
  • University of Southampton, UK
  • University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
  • University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Universidad Cardinal Herrera,Valencia, Spain 
  • University of Applied Sciences Kiel
Location: Huston School of Film and Digital Media
Contact: / 091 495076
Module Code Module Description Semester ECTS Examination Arrangements
FS201 Ireland and the Irish in the Cinema 1 5 Continuous Assessment
FS305 Early and Silent Film (1895 – 1927) 1 5 Continuous Assessment
FS306 Introduction to Visual Culture 1 5 Continuous Assessment
FM2101 Introduction to Film Theory 1 5 Continuous Assessment
FM4100 Gender and Sexuality On Screen 1 5 Continuous Assessment
FM4101 Media and Audiences 1 5 Continuous Assessment
  • Hobart & William Smith
Location: Irish Studies, Martha Fox House, Distillery Road
Contact: / 091 492051
Code Irish Studies Module Semester ECTS Examination Arrangements
IR101 Irish Life and Culture 1 6 Coursework Assessment
  • Tours, France
  • University of Malta
  • Berea, Kentucky
  • University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
  • New School, New York.
  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • Oviedo
  • Curtin, Perth.
  • Fraser Valley, BC

Places are limited on some courses: email the course contact below for further details

Location: O’Donoghue Centre for Drama Theatre and Performance
Contact: / 091-494426
Module Code Module Description Semester ECTS Examination Arrangements
DT3107 Theatre for Children and Young People 1 10 Continuous Assessment
DT3111 Acting Reconsidered 1 10 Continuous Assessment
DT3123 Musical Theatre: History and Performance 1 10 Continuous Assessment
DT4101 Contemporary Irish Theatre 1 5 Continuous Assessment
DT3103 Irish Language Drama and Theatre 1 10 Continuous Assessment
DT3125 Voicework and Shakespearean Performance 1 10 Continuous Assessment
DT3115 Exploring Irish Theatre and Performance 1 5 Continuous Assessment
DT4102 Performance Studies 1 10 Continuous Assessment
  • University of Salzburg
Location: School of Psychology, Room 227/228, First Floor, St. Anthony’s, Newcastle Road
Contact: / 091 493101
Module Code Psychology Module Description Semester ECTS Examination Arrangements
PS420 Psychological Measurement: Theory and Practice 1 5 Continuous Assessment
PS340 Neuropsychology 1 5 2 hour exam
  • University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès, France
  • University of Bologna, Italy
  • Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany
  • University of Notre Dame, USA
Location: Siobhan McKenna Theatre, AMB, AM214.
Contact:  Emma Brinton
Module Code Module Description ECTS Semester Examination Arrangements
DT3123 Musical Theatre: History and Performance 5 1 Continuous Assessment
MU1100 Introduction to Music History 5 1 Continuous Assessment *
MU1101 Traditional Music in Ireland: 1792 to the New Millennium 5 1 Continuous Assessment *
MU1102 Music Practice 1 5 1 Continuous Assessment *
MU1103 Music Theory and Critical Listening 5 1 Continuous Assessment *
MU2100 Harmony and Keyboard Harmony 5 1 Continuous Assessment
MU2103 Music Practice 2 5 1 Continuous Assessment
MU3101 Music Editing and Transcription 10 1 Continuous Assessment
MU3102 Counterpoint 10 1 Continuous Assessment
MU3103 Scoring and Arranging 10 1 Continuous Assessment
MU4107 Opera 5 1 Continuous Assessment
MU4105 Irish Traditional Music Performance 5 1 Continuous Assessment**

* These modules are Year 1 modules and are year-long, therefore, these modules are only available to students coming from Partner Institutions for the full Academic Year 2022/2023 (September – April)

** It is recommended only if a student has prior experience of Irish Traditional Music