Versioning History

This page provides a record of changes made to this toolkit. Each set of edits is acknowledged with a 0.01 increase in the version number. The exported files for this toolkit reflect the most recent version.

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Version Date Change Details
1.01 February 2015 Toolkit published in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection.
1.02 September 19, 2017 Added a link to the Appendix: Checklist for Accessibility page. Added a link to information describing the accessibility standards for all OpenStax books.
2.01 August 31, 2018 Second edition of toolkit completed and published in the B.C. Open Textbook Collection. For details, see this list of changes and additions [Word file] made to the first edition of the toolkit.
2.02 May 1, 2019 New back matter chapter titled Appendix C. Added Inclusive Design Webinar Series recordings and PowerPoint slides.
2.03 Jun 27, 2019 New theme Changed from Open Textbook to Clark theme.
2.04 August 21, 2019 Updated Images chapter and list of links.
  • The “Long Descriptions” section of the Images chapter was edited to show how to use anchors for creating internal links.
  • The List of Links by Chapter for Print Users chapter was updated to account for changing links and new resources added to the book.
2.05 October 1, 2019 ISBNs added: Print and eBook.
2.06 January 14, 2020 Added new personas. Posted a new collection of personas created by people working at Oregon State University to Appendix B: Redesign or Accommodation Activity Guidelines.
2.07 January 20, 2020 Added a webinar. Added a webinar recording called “How to Create Inclusive and Accessible OER” to Appendix C: Inclusive Design Webinar Series.
2.08 February 10, 2020 Updated Links chapter. Added a section called “Provide web addresses in Print PDF in Pressbooks.”
2.09 September 15, 2020 Updated Tables chapter. Revised the Tables chapter to allow for merged or split table cells if they are formatted properly.
2.10 November 18, 2020 Updated Links chapter. Added a section to the Links chapter called “Links in references.”
2.11 January 22, 2021 Added appendix Added a video called “Improve the accessibility of your online course” to Appendix D: Improve Online Course Accessibility Video


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