99 Getting Your Book into Kobo

Pressbooks is designed to create publish-ready book files for all the major ebookstores as well as print and print-on-demand venues.

With readers in 190 countries as well as its own slate of e-reader devices and apps, Kobo is one popular ebookstore platform in which you may want your book to appear.

In this chapter, we’ll cover:

  • How to ready your book for publication in Kobo
  • How to publish your book in the Kobo store

1. Prepare Your File for Publishing in Kobo

  • Upgrade your book to remove the Pressbooks promotional watermark.
  • Export your finished book as an ebook.
  • Download the Epub¬†version of your exported ebook files.

2. Self-Publish Your Book in Kobo

  • Create an account as a publisher.
  • Go to the main interface at Kobo Writing Life.
  • Enter your book’s information.
  • Upload your cover.
  • Upload your manuscript file in EPUB format.
  • Indicate rights information.
  • Specify pricing.
  • Upload your cover.
  • Submit your book for review and publication.
The process to publish your ebook in Kobo Writing Life
The process to publish your ebook in Kobo Writing Life

Once you hit publish, your book will be available to Kobo users.


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