94 Zotero Citations for Pressbooks Webbooks

Zotero is a popular open-source reference management tool that allows researchers to collect all the information they need from all the digital resources they’re using in one central place (for more information, check out Zotero.org). Pressbooks metadata is compatible with Zotero, which readers of your texts can use the Zotero bookmark tool to quickly grab and store book metadata, making it easier for them to produce accurate citations later. In this chapter, we’ll cover how researchers can use Zotero to capture the metadata from Pressbooks webbooks:

How to Use Zotero with Pressbooks

To those who’ve used Zotero in the past, this will be quite easy. To those who haven’t, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Zotero application and have the bookmarklet added to your browser. You can find your download options for Zotero on their website
  2. Open the Zotero app. This allows you to use the bookmarklet in the browser you’ve installed it in.
  3. Visit the Pressbooks webbook you want to save citation information for. You’ll see the Zotero bookmarklet appear as a book icon in your browser.
  4. Click the Zotero bookmarklet. This shows you the options to save the book to a specific library, add tags, and more.
  5. Click Done. The book’s metadata has now been saved to your Zotero library.

Pressbooks webbook with the Zotero bookmarklet activated

What Metadata Gets Stored

Most of the metadata that Pressbooks produces is compatible with Zotero. The data that’s stored for the entry includes but is not limited to:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication date
  • Language
  • ISBN
  • URL
  • DOI

Zotero will also correctly identify the Pressbooks webbook as a book in your library. You can modify and add information to the data stored in your Zotero library for the entry after it’s been added.

Zotero entry with metadata


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