Welcome to Genomics Data Science!

Rapid advancements in high-throughput technologies used to sequence the human genome have led to an unprecedented increase in the availability and use of genomics data, from fundamental scientific discovery in the life sciences to clinical applications in precision medicine. The analysis of these large, complex datasets requires a new generation of highly trained scientists who possess not only a sound understanding of the underlying biological principles and technologies but also the necessary quantitative and computational skills.

This open educational resource aims to provide students with:

  • An introduction to genetics, delivered with the aid of commonly used files in genomics.
  • Illustrated examples of data analysis and visualisations using the statistical programming language R.
  • A step-by-step tutorial demonstrating use cases of clustering and machine learning using genomics data to inform real-time clinical decisions.

The materials in this resource have been designed to link with the Irish leaving certificate syllabus, expanding on topics in Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics.


Introduction to Genomics Data Science Copyright © by Barry Digby; Clodagh Murray; and Pilib Ó Broin. All Rights Reserved.

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